We supply all types of used labelers to various processing and packaging industries. Some of these industries include food processing, beverage processing, wine processing, dairy processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, nutraceutical processing, sauce and dressing manufacturing, frozen food processing, cosmetics processing, lotion processing, and many other processing industries.

We can offer all types and sizes of used labelers, depending on your needs. We deal in labelers of all types, such as pressure sensitive labelers, hot glue labelers, cold glue labelers, roll-thru labelers, wrap around labelers, front & back labelers, wipe on labelers, standard tamp labelers, tamp blow labelers, blow on labelers, can labelers, bottle labelers, tray labelers, price labelers, spot labelers and all other types.

Since 1938, we have sold hundreds of used labelers all over the world, from semi-automatic to full scale production. We supply used labelers from various manufacturers including Krones, Quadrel, GEI Mateer, Burt, Standard Knapp, Mustang, Label-Aire, Avery, New Jersey, Versapply, Willett, Axon, Cavagnino & Gatti, Precision Labeling Systems, Flexcon, Consolidated , Omme, In-Line labeleing Equipment, Southern California Packaging Equipment and most other manufacturers.

We are very interested in learning about your labeling needs or the availability of your surplus labelers and other processing or packaging machinery. Please click on the link below to tell us more about your surplus machinery or fill out the form in order to tell us about your equipment needs. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.


Hurst Krones Anker Roland
Cavagnino & Gatti Precision Labeling Labeling System Inc.
Omme Avery Label-Aire
Apax Willett BCE Inc.


Pressure sensitive Automatic
Price Wrap